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1. Type any two actors, actresses, movie names, directors, or producers, or any combination, into the boxes below. For example,
Client, The or Costner, Kevin or American in Paris, An

2. Choose which relations to allow

Relation Example
Allow ``appeared in'' links
Costner, Kevin
Bodyguard, The
Allow ``starred'' links
DiCaprio, Leonardo
Allow ``directed'' links
Singer, Bryan
Usual Suspects, The
Allow ``directed by'' links
Color Purple, The
Spielberg, Steven
Allow ``produced'' links
Lucas, George
Star Wars
Allow ``produced by'' links
Broccoli, Albert R.

3. Select a query to perform

Query name
Find a shortest path between the movies/actors
Show related
List entries related to the source
Find entries related to both the source and target
Spell check
Find database items with similar spelling
Find terms containing the source

This program allows you to search for relationships between movies, actors, directors, and producers. This program is based on data from the Internet Movie Database. I have received special, temporary permission from the company to operate this Web site. More technical information is available in a technical note I've prepared. Statistics on the database can also be viewed. Please feel free to explore the system by entering as many queries as you like, and send me feedback if you stumble across anything interesting or have suggestions.

Also visit my Lexical FreeNet program. For more fun, try out Star Links and the Oracle of Bacon at the University of Virginia.

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